The Castelliforni brand is synonymous of technological innovation and craftsmanship, concepts that effectively express the identity of our company, specialized in the production of professional ovens for pizza, bakery and pastry.
A valued example of Italian excellence entrepreneurship, with more than 50 years of activity, has gained a prestigious role in the production of ovens, affirming both national and international.

It was born in Rome in the 70's, in a small workshop, initiated by the founder Guido Castelli, who, applying his own experience and some valid technical solutions, succeeds in realizing his first model of oven, beginning with an intense professional history full of ambitions, important choices and goals, till the creation of a firm, with a competitive and significant production capacity.
The continuity of the company is now guaranteed by the guidance of Elio and Emilio Castelli, who, since they were young, they have been committed to leading, with the same seriousness and passion, the father’s business.

The whole cycle of the production chain is developed within the company, from design to construction, from assembling to testing, to installation and technical assistance. Materials and components are carefully selected and subjected to rigorous quality assurance compliance audits.

All the ovens are designed to give high performance to the most different operating environments, while ensuring efficiency, robustness and reliability over time.
Each model in the serial production can be realized in dimensions and with functional features tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
To provide a complete answer to the multiple needs of operators, the range of ovens is integrated with a wide assortment of selected machinery, stainless steel equipment, professional systems and integrated furnishing solutions for food and catering.

The vast resources invested by our company in research and innovation are aimed at maintaining an high standard of quality that distinguishes every single oven produced in our factory, making it unique and inimitable, able to support any comparison, as we are witnessed by the consent of a Increasingly large and qualified customers.