Current chairman and guide of the API - Italian Pizzerie Association.
A skilled artisan craftsman, a true pioneer and undisputed protagonist in the pizza culture in Rome.
During her distinguished career, he developed the long cold maturation method, based on the PIZZA DOUGH METHOD able to meet the different commercial needs, creating a different way of making the Pizza product. When he was thirteen years old, he started working as an assistant at several PIZZERIAs in Rome.
His remarkable curiosity and the desire to create a creative professionalism within the PIZZERIA, took him to open his own business very early. Inside his laboratory he was able to develop new techniques of work and business organization.
The meeting with the Italian Pizzerie Association led him to conquer the title of World Champion Pizza on several occasions, after practicing his innate passion for didactics, until he became President of the Association.
The various professional experiences and the encounter with important raw material producers and catering technology lead him to enhance his experience as a consultant and national and international expert in the definition of the technical characteristics of the Pizza toppings, in the mixing of flours and in the design of ovens and other professional equipment.


The leading brand of pan tray pizza franchise, is the most popular chain in Rome, appreciated for the quality of the products and for the strong communicative effectiveness of its image.
In this project, Castelliforni technology is present at every branch-restaurant with innovative and Puissanceful solutions to ensure efficient support and capable of responding efficiently to all demanding performance requirements and high productivity.
The project was born in Rome in 1990 thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of Domenico Giovannini and his passion for the activity of gastronomy, cultivated during the hotel studios and concretized during his career at prestigious companies in the catering sector.
The first pan tray pizza shop was opened in Via delle Grazie in the area of Basilica of Saint Peter and in the following years Mr. Giovannini opened many other outlets, assisting young entrepreneurs through affiliation or supporting them with its direct participation.
On November 12, 2002, the brand registration ALICE PIZZA began, allowing Mr. Giovannini to improve the identification of the company brand and to increase the strategic value of its business.
He owns the trademark and he grants the exclusive use license to Me & Alice S.r.l., a franchise management company. Mr. Giovannini also attend and supervise the european development of the chain through direct or franchise management of retail outlets.


A baker who has made his talent a creativity-based experiment, devoting himself to extreme doughs and ancient cereals, supporting a natural baking cycle, recovering traditional breads and exploring the most unusual boundaries and the most striking pizza flavors.
He was born in 1977 in Rome and after his hotel studies he began his career as a chef in a famous restaurant in the city. In 2003 he decides to open a small pan tray PIZZERIA, not far from the Vatican, where he proposes his own personal version and very original pizza. The success was immediate and in 2009 joined to the TV show program "La Prova del Cuoco", confirming his reputation as the most famous pizzaiolo of TV SHOW.